5800 | Double Hung Aluminum Window

5800 Double Hung Aluminum Window

The 5800 Double Hung window was tested to be used in sizes up to 60"x 99". The air infiltration rate is an amazing .03! This window features a 4 5/16" frame, block and tackle balances with an ultra-lift option, 1" insulated glass, and tilt sash operation. Both sashes operate and automatically lock into position when closed. Standard options include nail fins, panning, and two anodized finishes.

5800 Series | Features

Rated Double Hung Window

Rated Double Hung Window: CW-PG50-H AAMA rating at a test size is 60" x 99" (Tested to AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 specifications)

Thermal Bar Break System

Thermal Bar Break System: 4 5/16" frame depth with a thermal bar break system used to enhance the thermal values of the frame and sash.

Frame & Sash Corners

Frame & Sash Corners: All frame and sash corners use polyethylene gaskets for tighter air and water seals.

Flush Mount Tilt Latches

Flush Mount Tilt Latches: We use attractive flush mount tilt latches, allowing both sashes to tilt in for easy cleaning and removal.

Spring-Loaded Sill Locks

Spring-Loaded Sill Locks: The lower sash uses an automatic latching system with the use of spring- loaded sill locks. This eliminates the need for cam locks and offers instant security when the window is closed.

Self-latching Locks

Self-latching Locks: Self-latching locks at the head keep the top sash from dropping down while operating the lower sash. The top sash is fully functional and can be operated or tilted in for cleaning.

Sloped Sill

Sloped Sill: The double hung incorporates a sloped sill that eliminates the need for weeps under the sash. This allows for superior water drainage.

Window Balances

Window Balances: These are available in Class 1 or Class 5 options. Class 1 balances lift 30% of the sash weight while Class 5 lifts 70% of the sash weight.

Balance Shoes

Balance Shoes: Balance shoes easily release the sash after tilting in to 90 degrees. This eliminates the need to raise one balance higher than the other during removal, thus making removal easier.

Sash Interlock

Sash Interlock: The upper and lower sashes interlock together, which helps reduce deflection and creates a snug fit for a superior air infiltration rate.


Weatherstripping: The double hung sash and frame have multiple weatherstrip locations uniquely positioned so that weatherstripping is never disconnected, which results in outstanding air infiltration performance.


Screen: The full length screen has an extruded frame for superior durability over rolled form. The screen fits cleanly inside the main frame for protection and easy removal.

Other Options: Factory applied nail fins are available. Nail fins can be used as a flush face fin or in a more traditional 1" set back.

1" insulated glass with metal glazing retainers is standard. Gerkin insulates its’ own glass with the use of a Super Spacer® warm edge spacer. Our standard glass options are LoÉ3 , bronze tint, gray tint, obscure and tempered. Internal grilles are also a standard option. Special order glass is available.

Gerkin offers, panning, snap trim, subframe, structural mulls and matching fixed windows.

5800 Series | Test Results

NFRC - AAMA - Energy Star
U-Value w/LoÉ3/Argon .45
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient .20
Visible Transmittance .46
Condensation Resistance 43
U-Value Air Only* .48
Test Window | 60" x 99"
Class CW-PG50-H
Air Infiltration .03 cfm/sq. ft. @ 25 mph
Water 8.25 psf
Structural Wind Load 82.5 psf
Indoor/Outdoor Sound Transmission Class N/A
Sound Transmission Class(w/ 1/4 LAM x 1/8 A) N/A
Test Window | 60" x 99"
Class LC-PG55-H
Air Infiltration .03 cfm/sq. ft. @ 25 mph
Water 8.25 psf
Structural Wind Load 82.5 psf
Indoor/Outdoor Sound Transmission Class N/A
Sound Transmission Class(w/ 1/4 LAM x 1/8 A) N/A

*U-Values for our windows with 1/8" 366 LoÉ3 glass, air only, 1/8" clear glass, no muntins or argon in the air space.

Tested and Certified to AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2 A440-08
U-Value/SHGC/VT/CRF Tested to NFRC 100/200/500

5800 Series | Colors

  • WhiteWhite
  • Clear AnodizedClear Anodized
  • Dark Bronze AnodizedDark Bronze Anodized

Note: Custom colors are available