6000 | Horizontal Slider Vinyl Window

6000 Horizontal Slider Vinyl Window

Gerkin has long been known for building the best sliding windows on the market! With our long history in building this style window, we have perfected the performance of this window to the envy of our competition! The 6000 slider is tighter than many of our competitor’s best performing casement style windows!

No other style window can offer the overall value in performance and cost as can the 6000 series slider. The 6000 slider is our best priced window, but offers terrific performance with an incredibly low .04 air infiltration rate. The 6500 window complements the 6000 slider as a stand-alone fixed window or can be used to mull fixed and specialty shapes in order to create custom configurations.

We have meticulously designed this window to work with unmatched performance under extreme conditions. We have multiple chambers of vinyl along with areas of extruded aluminum reinforcement and double strength glass. This window really shows its strength and performance under the harshest of conditions.

This stylish 2 1/2" slimline design has a beveled frame profile, fusion-welded sash and frame corners, and twin weather seals. The 6000 glides easily on two sets of tandem rollers and closes into a fully interlocked frame.

If you’re looking for a terrific appearance, great performance, easy operation, and low maintenance all at a very reasonable cost, the 6000 slider is a great choice!

6000 Series | Features

Value Added Features such as Mulling, Extension Jambs, Brick Mold and Specialty Shapes are also available - click here to read more.

Double Weatherstripping

Double Weatherstripping: Twin fin-seal weatherstripping provides a single fin seal on the sash sealing the exterior and a single fin seal in the frame sealing the interior.


Interlock: The 6000 has a full interlock with fin seal weatherstripping at the meeting rail providing a positive seal.


Hardware: The 6000 operates on two sets of smooth-rolling tandem nylon rollers. The sash pull rail is an integral part of the sash frame. The sash locks into an aluminum-stiffened meeting rail.

Aluminum Reinforced Sash

Aluminum Reinforced Sash: Gerkin reinforces the interlock rail of the sash and frame with extruded aluminum in order to reduce deflection and produce better overall window ratings.

Weep System

Weep System: We utilize a staggered sill weep system with flush weep covers. This design provides excellent water drainage and air infiltration performance.

Extruded Screen Frame

Extruded Screen Frame: Gerkin offers more strength in its screen frame in order to give more reliability in screen durability. The screen is removable without removing the sash.


Frame: 2 1/2" frame depth and a slimline beveled frame design provide strength, beauty, and easy installation. Our frame and sash are fully fusion-welded extruded UPVC.

Outside Glazed Sash

Outside Glazed Sash: The exterior glazing on the sash gives a smooth inside appearance. The fixed portion of the slider is interior glazed for easier glass replacement.

Easier Sash Removal

Easier Sash Removal: The 6000 offers plenty of extra clearance under the rollers for sash removal.

The 6000 slider comes with 3/4" insulated clear or argon filled LoÉ3 high performance glass. Double LoÉ or laminate glass options are also available.

6000 Series | Test Results

NFRC - AAMA - Energy Star
U-Value .30
U-Value / Air Only*
6000, 6500
.33, .32
Solar Heat Coefficient .22
Visible Light Transmittance .51
Condensation Resistance Factor 60

*U-Values for our windows with 1/8" 366 LoÉ3 glass, air only, 1/8" clear glass, no muntins or argon in the air space.

"Thermal Value w/ 3/4" IGU w/ 1/8" 366/Argon/ 1/8" Clear - No Muntins

Test Window | 3 Equal Lite 108" x 54"
Air Infiltration .05 cfm/sq. ft.
Water 5.43 psf
Structural 52.5 psf
Indoor/Outdoor Sound Transmission Class 28
Sound Transmission Class(w/ 1/4 LAM x 1/8 A) 32
AAMA Rating R-PG35-HS
Test Window | 2 Equal Lite 72" x 60"
Air Infiltration .04 cfm/sq. ft.
Water 5.43 psf
Structural 52.5 psf
Indoor/Outdoor Sound Transmission Class 28
Sound Transmission Class(w/ 1/4 LAM x 1/8 A) 32
AAMA Rating LC-PG35-HS

Tested and Certified to AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-05 & A440-08 U-Value/SHGC/VT/CRF Tested to NFRC 100/200/500

6000 Series | Colors

  • WhiteWhite
  • TanTan
  • SandstoneSandstone
  • Midnight/WhiteMidnight/White
  • Midnight/MidnightMidnight/Midnight