Subframe System

2-3/8" Subframe 1   4-5/16" Subframe 1

2-3/8" Subframe


4-5/16" Subframe

2-3/8" Subframe 2   4-5/16" Subframe 2

Gerkin subframe is a thermally broken receptor system that is designed to make window installation quick, easy and can be used in both new construction and retrofit applications. The sub sill is a one-piece receptor with an exterior weep system to channel the moisture to the exterior and extruded legs to trap the window into place. The subhead and jambs are a two-piece receptor with a vinyl bulb on the interior and exterior legs which snap into place and gives the window a snug fit into the opening. When using the subframe there will be a 1/2" space on the head and jambs allowing the window room for thermal expansion and contraction. The subframe is color matched to the Rhino windows which gives the opening a one-piece finished look. The subframe can be used in a one-window opening or multiple window configurations. Gerkin's structural mullion, h-channel and stacking frame options gives the end user many different configurations to choose from. Gerkin also has an extruded sill flashing available giving a complete window system.

Some of the advantages of using the Gerkin subframe system are:

  1. The complete installation can be done from the interior of the building eliminating expensive lifts and bulky, hard to work with scaffolding.
  2. Subframe helps to speed up the installation on multiple window configuration
  3. All fasteners are hidden.